Stop Gas Chamber Killing of Geese in New York

The state of New York plans to cruelly kill geese without exploring nonlethal options unless our comments can stop it! The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has enabled its Wildlife Services branch to mercilessly kill Canada geese. We need your immediate help to stop the mass killing of New York's resident geese!

The USDA published a "bird damage management" environmental assessment proposal, which gives New York's Wildlife Services free license to kill Canada geese. Wildlife Services may kill geese using mobile gas units, which entails capturing frightened birds while they are alive, and sealing them in a plastic 5-gallon bucket or chamber where they are forced to inhale deadly carbon dioxide. Studies show that carbon dioxide poisoning causes animals severe pain and distress. Other cruel and painful methods of killing include cervical dislocation, shooting, and sport-hunting.

Why brutally kill geese when there are successful, low-cost, nonlethal methods available for use?

Non-lethal methods recommended by reputable organizations like Geese Peace exist. Also there exists Flight Turf which deters geese in commercial and residential areas without physical harm or toxic chemicals.




What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Help us urge New York's Wildlife Services to employ nonlethal management techniques outlined in its own proposal. Wildlife Services typically receives few opposing comments on its environmental assessment proposals during public comment periods. Now is the time to voice our opposition to this heartless and inhumane plan. If we don't act now, the USDA will brutally murder thousands of New York's resident geese.

1. Please call Allen Gosser, New York State Director for the USDA's Wildlife Services, at 518-268-2289.

Say something like, "Please reconsider your plans to kill geese in New York. I do not support the lethal killing of geese as part of your Bird Damage Management Proposal."

2. Click to send our letter to the USDA by November 8 at midnight., and share our alert now to save New York's geese from brutal killing.


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Stop Gas Chamber Killing of Geese in New York

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