Condemn Oregon's Killing of Bobcat Kitten with Blunt Force

Imagine the terror of being separated from your family in a foreign place, and being viciously struck with a fatal blow to the head. This is precisely what happened to an unsuspecting bobcat kitten after she entered a school in Oregon. Please take action now to help prevent needless wild animal killings in the future.

On October 15, a small bobcat kitten walked onto the Oak Hill School campus in Eugene, Oregon. Officers decided the kitten was displaying "unnatural behavior" without consulting the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA). Instead, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and Lane County Sheriff's Office elected to kill the kitten with "blunt force to the head." This method is discouraged by the OVMA and is suggested only for newborn animals with thin skulls.

The next day, a second bobcat kitten was found near the school. Since two kittens wandered near the school, their mother may have been injured or killed. While the first kitten was brutally killed by blunt force trauma, ODFW officials examined and released the second. Who says it is abnormal behavior for a bobcat kitten to wander into a building and defend herself when captured by humans and placed in a strange vehicle as displayed in this telling video?


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



The OVMA and animal advocacy groups have officially condemned the ignorant, senseless killing of this bobcat kitten. Wildlife ecologist John Laundré Ph.D. agreed the decision to kill this kitten with blunt force to the head was based on second-hand information and behaviors not directly observed.

Help us urge the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to update its policies to prioritize nonlethal responses to wildlife conflicts!

1. Please call Mindy McCartt, Communications Director for the Oregon State Police at 503-934-0234 and Oregon Governor Kate Brown at 503-378-4582.

Say something like, "I'm sickened by the senseless and cruel killing of the bobcat kitten on the Oak Hill School campus in Eugene, Oregon. Please ensure policies are put into place to prioritize nonlethal means of handling wild animals to prevent unnecessary killings. and that the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association is consulted before the making of any lethal decisions."

2. Sign our letter to Travis Hampton, Superintendent of the, Oregon State Police, Curt Melcher, Director, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Michael Finley, Chair, Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, and Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon to urge them to prioritize nonlethal options for conflicts with wild animals.


Submit the letter below to deliver your comments to:
  • Travis Hampton — Superintendent — Oregon State Police
  • Curt Melcher — Director — Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Michael Finley — Chair — Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Kate Brown — Governor of Oregon


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