Ask Producers of The Chosen to Accurately Portray Jesus as Vegan

What if Jesus was more accurately portrayed as a compassionate vegan animal advocate for millions of people to view all over the world? The Chosen is a television drama based on the life of Jesus Christ. The first season is currently on view, but the series has yet to portray Jesus as a vegan, as an increasing number of biblical interpreters now indicate. Help us urge director Dallas Jenkins to portray Jesus and his disciples accurately as vegans to share the message of compassion for all beings!

The Chosen is the first multi-season, episode-based story about the life of Jesus, directed and co-written by filmmaker, Dallas Jenkins. It is the largest crowd-funded media project with over 16,000 people investing 10 million dollars into the project, making it perfectly positioned to influence millions of worldwide viewers.

Several modern scholars have concluded that Jesus was a vegan, including Ryan Hicks who argues that Jesus was a vegan animal advocate who affirmed nonviolence for all beings and rejected animal sacrifices. He cites examples throughout the Bible that would indicate that it is much more accurate to say that God's plan for humans was to eat a plant-based diet. Scripture commonly used to assert that Jesus ate meat and exploited animals was misinterpreted, according to Hicks.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Join our Interfaith Vegan Coalition in asking filmmaker Dallas Jenkins and the film's biblical consultants, to make a clear statement for compassion for all sentient beings, by depicting Jesus as a vegan in The Chosen. Let's urge the film's biblical consultants to read modern interpretations of the original text, which indicate that Jesus was a vegan and animal advocate.

1. Please make a polite, sincere request to portray Jesus as vegan on The Chosen's Official, Fanclub, and Theologic Discussion Facebook pages.

Say something like, "Please consider portraying Jesus as a vegan animal advocate in The Chosen, following legitimate interpretation of the original texts by author Ryan Hicks."

2. Sign our letter urging The Chosen's filmmaker and biblical consultants to review modern texts indicating that Jesus was vegan and to thus depict Jesus as vegan in their film.


Submit the letter below to deliver your comments to:
  • Father David Guffey — Biblical Consultant
  • Dr. Doug Huffman — Biblical Consultant
  • Rabbi Jason Sobel — Biblical Consultant
  • Dallas Jenkins — The Chosen Director and Co-Writer


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