Stop the Meat Industry From Killing Cruelty-Free Choices!

The once all-powerful meat industry is feeling threatened by the rapid growth of plant-based alternatives, and it won't go down without a fight! Industry-funded legislators are calling on the United States government to ban plant-based competitors from using the word "meat" with the introduction of The Real MEAT Act. This is a blatant attempt to skew the market in its favor, and restrict the growth of an industry that has the power to save billions of animals. We can't let this happen!

Senator Deb Fischer, a cattle rancher, introduced The Real MEAT Act (S.3016) to the Senate. Likewise, Representative Roger Marshall—who has been paid thousands of lobbyist dollars from animal agriculture groups, including the National Cattlemen's Beef Association—introduced twin bill H.R.4881 to the House of Representatives. These groups and individuals stand to benefit from the marketing hindrance this legislation would create for plant-based meat products. In other words, this is an anti-competitive grab by animal agriculture lobbyists.

Millions of Americans are opting to eat more consciously in an effort to combat animal cruelty, eat more healthily, and avert the climate crisis. The plant-based market is growing exponentially and is preventing the suffering and deaths of countless downtrodden animals who are callously raised and brutally slaughtered to become meat.


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There is no doubt that the innovative, forward-thinking plant-based market is illuminating the way toward a more environmentally responsible and compassionate future. We cannot allow the government to slap restrictions upon the hardworking, diligent individuals behind cruelty-free products created to benefit human health, the environment and defenseless animals.

Please join us in urging your two federal senators and one federal representative to oppose The Real MEAT Act!

1) We can all help fight the cruelty and environmental destruction caused by the meat industry by halting our consumption of animal products and shifting to a plant-based diet. The meat industry only exists because consumers are willing to purchase their cruel, environmentally devastating, and unhealthy products. Learn how to begin by downloading our free Vegan Starter Guide today.

2) Call your one federal representative listed below to urge opposition to H.R.4881.

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Then, call your two federal senators listed below to urge them to oppose S.3016.

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If you do not see the identities and phone numbers of your legislators above, please click on the link below, enter your zip code, and click the federal tab.

When you call, state your name, your town or city, and telephone number.

Here's an example of what you can say:

As your constituent, I respectfully urge him/her to oppose H.R.4881/S.3016, the "Real MEAT Act". As a consumer, not once have I come close to being deceived by a plant-based meat product, nor are there any consumer studies or surveys to back this wild assertion. This legislation seems like an anti-competitive grab by animal agriculture lobbyists under the guise of consumer confusion. We should not slap restrictions upon the hardworking, diligent individuals behind the cruelty-free products created to benefit the environment and defenseless animals.

3) Send our letter to your two federal senators and one federal representative by filling out the form on this page.

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