Colorado Residents: Ban Cruel Animal Circuses

A bill to ban wild animal circuses in Colorado (Senate Bill 20-125) recently passed the state's Senate and has now proceeded to the House. If enacted, it would forbid the exploitation of elephants, lions, tigers, and other exotic animals in travelling shows. Please join us in urging the House to pass this important legislation.

Animals exploited by circuses suffer from barbaric mistreatment. They are beaten into submission with physical abuse and confined to tiny cages or chained up for the vast majority of their lives. The only time they get exercise is when they are dragged into arenas of screaming spectators and forced to perform degrading, unnatural "tricks." Many animals go insane and develop stereotypic behaviors such as bar biting, swaying or pacing back and forth. They also develop physical ailments. For example, elephants often get pressure sores from their leg shackles and arthritis from lack of exercise. It's about time for Colorado to crack down on this hideously immoral conduct.

Animal circuses are also a safety risk. Animals have escaped and injured people and have even been known to enter highways, which endangers themselves and motorists. These incidents usually end with the animals being gunned down and are inevitable when severely stressed wild animals are brought into areas with dense human populations against their will.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please contact your representative in the Colorado House and urge him/her to take action against circus cruelty by supporting Senate Bill 20-125.

1) Please call your state representative.

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You can then say:

As (representative's name) constituent, I respectfully urge him/her to support Senate Bill 20-125, the bill to ban wild animal circuses, which recently passed the Senate and is now in the House

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