Stop USFWS Plan for Hunters to Kill More Animals

While our locked-down world is rejoicing as nature bounces back a bit, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is brewing a sickening post-pandemic plan. The Service is tasked with protecting wild animals, yet plans to expand hunting and fishing on wildlife refuges across the country. 2.3 million acres of previously-protected land could be turned into a hunters' bloodbath, with endangered species put at extra risk of killing and poaching. Tell the Trump administration to stop its dastardly plan!

Given current threats from climate change and loss of habitat, this is the worst possible time to expand hunting and fishing in one hundred plus wildlife refuges and hatcheries, where animals are supposed to be protected. Many animals, including bears, bobcats, and migratory birds, who are used to living peaceful lives without the fear of hunters will be gunned down without warning.

Not surprisingly, the USFWS plan to expand hunting and fishing is financially motivated. Research by respected biologist John W. Laundré shows that park entrance fees and general taxes fund our wild lands to the tune of billions of dollars, as compared to the paltry millions from hunting revenues. Hunting does not significantly support our protected wild lands!

Please act right now to decide what happens to wild animals. Tell USFWS wild animals should be safe on the refuges that were set aside to protect them. Don't let Interior Secretary David Bernhardt open animals’ safe refuges to bloodthirsty hunters!

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1. Tweet Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service urging them to drop their senseless, cruel plan to expand hunting on refuges.

2. Send our letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to stop this ecologically unsound plan and prevent the slaughter of wild animals and endangered species who reside in wildlife refuges. Fill out the fields on this page and your letter will be included in the official public comments to the agency, which we will mail on June 1 to meet the June 8 deadline.


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