California Residents: Crack Down on Cruel Puppy Mills!

A bill to strengthen California's ban on the retail sale of cats and dogs was recently passed by the State Assembly and will soon be coming up for a vote in the Senate. If enacted, it would close a loophole in the current version of the ban and prevent pet stores from profiting from the abuse of animals imprisoned in commercial breeding facilities. Please join us in urging the Senate to pass this important legislation to save cats and dogs from senseless suffering!

In January 2019, California passed a ban on selling dogs and cats in pet stores unless they were sourced from rescues or shelters. Puppy mills scrambled to save their cruel enterprise and set up fraudulent “rescues” which were really neglectful breeding facilities. They shipped puppies and kittens to pet stores who charged bloated "adoption fees" for them. The cruel business continued as usual in everything but name. AB 2152 would put an end to these scams by clarifying that pet stores may not receive compensation from adoption transactions.

AB 2152 will not impact pet stores that genuinely contribute to animal rescue. They will still be able to lend their facilities for adoption events and temporarily house shelter animals on their premises. Stores will still benefit financially from adoptions since adopters generally buy large quantities of supplies when they take home their new family members.

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Please contact your one California state senator and urge him/her to take action against puppy mills by supporting AB 2152.

1) Please call your one state senator.

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As (state senator’s name) constituent, I respectfully urge him/her to support AB 2152 which was recently passed by the Assembly and is now in the Senate. This bill would strengthen the ban on the retail sale of cats and dogs by cracking down on dishonest pet stores that sell dogs and cats from mills, while claiming they are rescues.


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