Boycott Denver to Avenge Hundreds of Dead Geese

Denver's Mayor Hancock and his appointee, Scott Gilmore of Denver Parks & Recreation and goslings.

Instead of using humane and cost-effective alternatives that are readily available, Denver Parks & Recreation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) quietly descended upon unsuspecting geese at Garland Park in Dever, Colorado before dawn to round them up and take them away to be killed in secret. Shortly after Independence Day, on the morning of July 10, workers scared geese out of the water, forced them into pens, grabbed them by their necks and wings, stuffed them into crates, and trucked them off to their deaths. Then they picked up the feathers as if nothing happened. Take action to let key decision-makers know you will boycott Denver and to show your disgust with the city’s brutal treatment of innocent geese!

Our allies at Canada Geese Protection Colorado documented the Garland Park roundup as the USDA picked up geese by their necks and threw them into crates, separating and destroying highly bonded goose families.

denver geese video

The USDA allegedly killed the geese and goslings by snapping their necks with their bare hands, causing a slow and painful death, or by chopping their heads off with a hatchet. Imagine their terror!

In any other setting, the heartless brutal killing of baby birds could be prosecuted as animal abuse.

Despite strong efforts by animal activists, Denver slaughtered over 1,662 Canada geese in 2019 and over 500 in 2020. This senseless killing has to stop! Sadly, Denver's Mayor Hancock and his appointee, Scott Gilmore of Denver Parks & Recreation, do not care about geese and turn a deaf ear on calls to implement humane management methods. Gilmore's wife, Stacie, was just voted president of Denver City Council, which doesn’t bode well for the city's geese and presents a clear conflict of interest.

The city already owes $250 million due to COVID-19, protests, and federal lawsuits against Denver police. Let's boycott Denver to impact Colorado’s 24 billion-dollar tourist industry, which provided 180,000 jobs and paid nearly $1.5 billion in state and local taxes in 2019.


What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



Tell Denver's Mayor, the Denver Tourism Bureau, and the Colorado Tourism Office that you will not visit their city until decision-makers pledge to stop goose roundups.

1. Call Denver Parks & Rec's Scott Gilmore and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to tell them you will boycott Denver unless they cancel future goose roundups. For Scott Gilmore, dial (720) 913-0654, press 3, and leave a message with the receptionist. For Mayor Hancock, dial (720) 865-9000, press 3, and leave a message using the "goose template" with the receptionist.

You can say, "I'm disgusted that Denver Parks & Recreation opted to kill hundreds of goose families for a second year in a row. I won't travel to Denver until you adopt a non-lethal humane goose management plan."

2. Tweet the Denver Tourism Office, Denver Parks & Recreation, Denver Parks & Recreation Deputy Manager Scott Gilmore, and his wife Denver City Council's new president Stacie Gilmore.

3. Send a letter to Denver's Mayor, the Denver Tourism Bureau, and the Colorado Tourism Office.


Submit our alert to immediately deliver your comments to:


  • Denver Mayor Hancock's Chief of Staff, Alan Salazar
  • Visit Denver, President & CEO, Richard Scharf
  • Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, CEO, JJ Ament
  • Downtown Denver Partnership, President & CEO, Tamara "Tami" Door
  • Hispanic Chamber of Denver, President and CEO, Mike Ferrufino
  • Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director, Lee Gash-Maxey
  • Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association, President & CEO, Amie Mayhew
  • Colorado Restaurant Association, President CEO & CAE, Sonia Riggs
  • City & County of Denver, Denver Arts & Venues, Executive Director, Ginger White
  • Colorado Tourism, Director, Cathy Ritter


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I'm boycotting Denver until brutal goose massacres are left in the past

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