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Seal Beach Sending Coyotes to the Gas Chambers

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In Defense of AnimalsThe Seal Beach, California city council has decided that coyotes inhabiting the area must be killed – and in the most cruel method possible. According to the hired "pest" control company "Critter Busters," the coyotes will be caught in live traps and then transferred into mobile gas chambers with carbon dioxide (CO2). California has outlawed this practice for dogs and cats, but it's apparently good enough for coyotes and other wild animals.

This overreaction by city council comes in the wake of several dogs who have been killed recently by coyotes. Their misguided plan to brutally gas coyotes doesn’t address the real reasons why coyotes are coming into contact with people. It fails to take into account human behavior, including people leaving food sources outside, and even worse—residents apparently actually feeding the coyotes. There's also a healthy nearby rabbit population and an ongoing drought, which are likely contributing to drawing coyotes into the city limits. Seal Beach's city council has nevertheless approved the uncompromising trapping and killing of "America's song dog" as of September 29.

Losing an animal companion, whether to a disease, a car accident, or to coyotes is always a tragedy.

The coyotes are merely trying to survive while being mercilessly killed by government agencies, hunters, and trappers by the tens of thousands nationwide every year without any true prospect of reducing their populations.

Killing coyotes does not work - not on the prairies, and not within city limits.

This should give Seal Beach's city council and residents a clue as to the futility of killing these animals. It simply won’t work to stop the coyotes from coming into town. It’s just one of those things that we cannot, should not, and do not need to control, because we have better ways to deal with situations like the one Seal Beach is experiencing, and that is respectful and compassionate co-existence. Get rid of the reasons the coyotes are coming into town and the coyotes won’t be an issue.

What you can do:



  1. Please send the letter below to the Seal Beach mayor and City Council members, and then follow up with a polite call to tell them to put an immediate halt to the senseless trapping and gassing of coyotes.
  2. Join the protest to stop the coyote killing.
    What: Outreach Event To Stop The Seal Beach Coyote Cull
    When: Sunday, October 5, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
    Where: Seal Beach Pier, 1190 Pacific Coast Hwy, Seal Beach, California 90740

    For more information or to RSVP, please visit the event's Facebook page

For questions, please contact IDA's Anja Heister at, or event organizer Amy at

Personalize and submit the form below to email your comments to:

  • Seal Beach mayor and city council members
    • Mayor Ellery A. Deaton; Ph: (562) 431-2527 Ext: 1501
    • Mayor Pro Tem David W. Sloan; Ph: (562) 431-2527 Ext: 1502
    • Gordon A. Shanks; Ph: (562) 431-2527 Ext: 1503
    • Gary A. Miller; Ph: (562) 431-2527 Ext: 1504
    • Michael P. Levitt; Ph: (562) 431-2527 Ext: 1505

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Stop Sending Coyotes to the Gas Chamber!

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