Australia: Racing is a Blood Sport — Stop the Killing of Gentle Greyhounds!

Five years ago, outrage swept across Australia like the recent wildfires that have ravaged the country. Inquests into the greyhound racing industry revealed widespread animal welfare breaches, including live animal baiting and killings of young, healthy greyhounds. Despite this, the state of Queensland has announced its support for the "Greater Brisbane Greyhound Center" to be built and even offered $39 million in funding. Please take a stand against this archaic industry and help us to stop this injustice!

Igniting the outrage in 2015, undercover video footage revealed helpless and conscious piglets, rabbits, and Australian wild animals callously tied to a mechanical arm and sent flying around the racetracks for greyhounds to forcibly chase, maim, and kill.

This practice is called "blooding" and has been illegal since 1979 in Australia, despite what this trainer had to say:

"... it has been the norm for as long as I can remember, blooding the dogs, you've got to blood the dogs."

Only six of the 15 animal welfare reforms introduced to the industry have been applied, and sadly, with the new racetrack announcement, it is likely to stay that way.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk spoke with conviction back in 2015 regarding the horrendous discovery of mass graves of greyhounds, only to backflip on it after losing poll support—injecting $40 million into the industry five years later.

Approximately 17,000 healthy greyhounds are killed each year as a result of trainers searching for a "money maker." These poor dogs are literally racing for their lives. Pushing themselves leads to injury, and with an ankle injury costing up to $4,000 to heal, trainers cut their losses by killing the dogs instead.

One vet nurse had this to say:

"When you're euthanizing these dogs, they're not old dogs, they're completely healthy, and most of them are still standing there wagging their tails and licking your face while you're euthanizing them."

Greyhounds are forced to forego their placid and loving nature when “blooded”, and other animals used as bait suffer tremendously as well. A statement from another greyhound trainer regarding live baiting, once again sums up the pernicious industry:

"The 'beauty' with cats and possums is they will fight for their lives"

In the future, when we stop to take a look back, what will we have to say in regard to our treatment of animals? Did we do everything we could to help, or did we let greed get in the way of respect for life and allow immoral practices spread like an untreated disease throughout humanity?

What YOU Can Do — TODAY:



1. Never bet with the lives of innocent greyhounds. Their mistreatment is ingrained like a cancer in the racing and gambling industry.

2.Consider adopting a greyhound. These dogs make loveable and loyal companions. Believe it or not, they enjoy sleeping for 18+ hours a day! A low maintenance best friend, and an innocent life saved.

3.Tweet, comment, or send a direct message to the Premier of Queensland on her social media channels.
Write a direct message or leave a comment on Facebook.

You can say: @AnnastaciaMP, why allocate $39 million dollars to a greyhound racing complex in Ipswich, when the Australian people, along with the rest of the world, are facing an economic downturn as a result of COVID-19? Greyhound racing is a dying industry which makes its money by capitalizing on gambling addiction and animal exploitation. Please allocate your money where it matters most, into the pockets of families battling with the everyday cost of living. I look forward to your response on this issue, and seeing how you handle this time of crisis.

Send her a direct Tweet on Twitter.

You can say: @AnnastaciaMP, please don't allocate $39 million dollars to a greyhound racing complex in Ipswich, when the Australian people are facing an economic downturn as a result of COVID-19. Greyhound racing makes its money by capitalizing on gambling addiction and animal exploitation.

4. Show that Australia's blatant disregard for animal welfare does not go unscrutinized abroad. Send our letter to the Premier of Queensland by filling out the form on this page.


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