Brownsburg: Rally Behind BHS Orchestra Director John Kluge!




John Kluge1Contact every member of the Brownsburg School Board PROMPTLY!!


Brownsburg High School Orchestra teacher John Kluge is in the throes of losing his job because he put the needs of his students above his own.  We need more teachers like John, not less! The administration has told John they will no longer accommodate his Christian faith to allow him to remain neutral on the transgender issue the way they have this past year. Because he will not actively encourage transgender students in their lifestyle, the administration has forced John out of his job against his will.  The Brownsburg School Board needs to hear from you right now. 



"I would like to say that Mr. Kluge is an excellent orchestra director and to lose him would be very unfortunate. He has built the orchestra into a very high level program with each of his four orchestras earning gold at their ISSMA contests in 2018. He also sent many students both as ensembles and solos to the State Solo & Ensemble contests where they performed very well. He cares about all of these kids and is there to help in any way he can." - Brownsburg High School parent


During the 2017-2018 school year, the Brownsburg Community School Corporation presented an 11 page document entitled "Transgender Questions" to teachers at their High School and Middle Schools.  Within this document, teachers are ordered to report signs of gender confusion by students to a guidance conselor or an administrator, but not to the student's parent.  This document mandates that if student Bob Smith wants to be referred to as Suzie Smith and this change is made in the school database, teachers must make this transition with the student and call the student by their preferred first name and pronoun ("she" instead of "he").


These policies even allow for mixing locker rooms and changing rooms, without parent input and without even informing parents of these policies.


Orchestra teacher John Kluge cares about the health and well-being of his students.  He is troubled by the research showing that individuals who adopt a gender different than their biological sex and who transition, through hormone therapy and surgery, are 20 times more likely to commit suicide.  As an authority figure within the school and the community of Brownsburg, Mr. Kluge could not, in good conscience, encourage his students down a path that could lead to tragic consequences.  


Therefore, he reached a common-sense agreement with the administration.  He would call all students by their last names and avoid the controversy altogether.  However, a school corporation apparently intent on stamping out all dissent, ordered Mr. Kluge that he must use students’ first names in the 2018-2019 school year or he would be fired at the beginning of the summer.


At Brownsburg, students are being pressured by administrators, staff, and teachers alike to conform to the school’s beliefs about gender identity. Any students who feel “uncomfortable” with the school’s transgender-inclusive bathroom policy and dressing room policy, etc., are considered to be “bullying” and the policies state “this should be dealt with in the manner we deal with other bullying situations.”  What’s more, John Kluge, the faculty sponsor of “Teens for Christ”--a club where students are allowed to discuss these and other topics from a biblical perspective--is being forced out of his job while faculty in support of these new ideologies have been given opportunities to teach gender-identity-ideology at faculty meetings. 

"I view my responsibility to students in my community as more than just helping them become the best musicians they can be, though I certainly devote a considerable amount of time and effort to that worthy goal.  My responsibility includes their overall well-being.  I wish to remain a teacher in good standing with the administration.  However, as much as I love my job and would desire to keep it, I cannot take actions that could encourage harm to the students in my care and provide a poor example for others.  I ultimately must submit my conscience to a higher authority."  

- Brownsburg Orchestra teacher John Kluge



You can take action TODAY to help preserve academic freedom for students and faculty in our public school system. Click on the above link to contact the Brownsburg School Board with a personalized message.