Don't Politicize Criminal Sentencing.


Trump Supporter


Contact your State Senator and let him/her know you oppose SB 439.  


Giving special justice to political activists while ignoring grandmothers, Trump supporters and other innocent Hoosiers who are victims of crime is wrong.



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Dear [Decision Maker],

Please vote against SB 439.

Giving victims greater justice is a noble goal. However, SB 439 would pick and choose who gets greater justice and who doesn't based on political priorities. This undercuts the foundational principle of equal justice under law and politicizes the criminal justice system.

When Hoosiers are the victims of a crime in Indiana they shouldn't get less justice because they don't fit into a particular class based on the whims of special interest groups.

If the Indiana General Assembly is interested in providing greater justice for crime victims there are ways in which that could be accomplished uniformly (such as raising the minimum sentence for all violent crime), without picking winners and losers and politicizing our criminal justice system.

SB 439 does not accomplish that worthy goal. Instead this bill politicizes the criminal justice system and legislates discrimination where a select few favored groups receive greater protection from crime while other classes of citizens are left on the outside looking in.

Please vote against SB 439

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