Support HB 1024: Student Religious Freedom


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Contact Gov. Holcomb and let him know you support HB 1024, the Student Religious Freedom Bill.


Student Religious Freedom is under attack here in Indiana, even in conservative areas like Carmel.  

At Carmel High School, school officials discriminated against the student led Carmel Teens For Life club because of their "ideology," threatened to eliminate their club entirely if they continued to use the term "abortion" (dispite the fact that "LGBT" and Democrat clubs were free to operate at school) and even forbade students from alerting their parents and legal counsel regarding discussions with school officials.

The school agressively attacked these students despite the fact that the students who led Carmel Teens for Life followed all school guidlines set out for these sort of clubs.  

Students shouldn't have to contact an attorney in order to have their 1st Amendment Rights respected by their school.  

Urge Gov. Holcomb to support HB 1024 and make it very clear to Indiana public school officials, like the ones in Carmel, that the Constitutional rights of students must be honored in Indiana schools.



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Please sign HB 1024.

HB 1024 protects the 1st Amendment Rights of students and helps assure that our tax dollars are going to schools that are tolerant of students' free exercise of religion guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Please sign HB 1024.

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