Teen Vogue Crossed the Line!

Contact Teen Vogue and let them know that you're not okay with their efforts to normalize and promote sodomy to their teenage readers.


  • Ms. Elaine Welteroth


Dear Ms. Welteroth, 

As the editor of a major publication that targets teenage readers, you carry a responsibility to drive important conversations in the right direction.

Most of your readers are minors -- impressionable and complicated -- and the last thing they need to be taught is that they must subject their bodies to any sexual activity that could easily cause them permanent and lasting harm. Not only have you chosen to promote it, but you have also chosen to glamorize it.

Undoubtedly, you'll be receiving a number of emails this week, and I hope that you understand the significant anguish that you've caused for many parents who have previously entrusted their children's eyes to your publication.

I appreciate your attention to my concerns and look forward to seeing Teen Vogue shift to focus on a less-sexualized world for innocent children.

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