Don’t Let Technology Drown Out Deep Relationships!

E-mail. Internet. Video. Texting. Tablets. Smart phones. The list never ends, does it? As technology advances, real human connection becomes harder and harder. If we’re not careful, each new gadget can draw us further away from the family of believers God designed us to be.

If you want to experience a close community with other Christians, the Dropping Your Guard series by Chuck Swindoll will challenge you to escape the trap of superficiality and to develop tight bonds that will feed your soul and mature your spiritual family. Keep your relationships connected . . . by dropping your guard.

CD Series of 12 CDs with 144-page Bible Companion

  1. Digging Deeper, Risking Change (Part One)
  2. Digging Deeper, Risking Change (Part Two)
  3. Getting Closer, Growing Stronger
  4. Operation Assimilation
  5. United and Invincible
  6. When the Fellowship Breaks Down
  7. Authentic Love
  8. Needed: Shelter for Storm Victims
  9. Some Things Have Gotta Go!
  10. Choose for Yourself
  11. The Necessity of Accountability
  12. A Hope Transplant: The Essential Operation

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