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Romans 1:18–25

After giving the good news that God’s righteousness is available to all who believe, the apostle Paul turned his attention to the bad news: the sinfulness of humanity sets in motion God’s wrath, which leads to His response of judgment. The sinner sinks ever deeper into a life of idolatry, immorality, and iniquity. Sadly, this is not simply the response of a few people, guilty and shameful in their thoughts and actions. Instead, it characterizes the whole world—we are all guilty, all lost, and all equally evil down to the core of our beings. The vivid examples Paul used in these verses represent the most extensive statement in all of Holy Scripture describing the totality of depravity.

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“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” Performed by the Stonebriar Community Church Choir and Orchestra Lyrics by Isaac Watts, music by Lowell Mason Arrangement by Tom Fettke Copyright © 1997 by Word Music/Integrity’s Hosanna! Music Copyright © 2010 by Stonebriar Community Church. All rights are reserved worldwide. Used by permission.

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