Ah, this is the life . . . relaxing on a sandy beach, “suffering for Christ” in Maui!

Wait—that was just a dream! Titus didn’t suffer in Maui; he ministered on the rocky island of Crete to a group of hard-headed Cretans. Though Paul’s little letter to Titus is rarely read or applied, Chuck Swindoll helps us see its importance whether we are ministering in a place like Crete . . . or Maui.

CD Series of 11 CDs with 123-page softcover Bible Companion

  1. A Little Letter of Enormous Importance
  2. Two Men on a Mission, with Us
  3. Looking for a Few Good Men
  4. Dealing with the Difficult and Dangerous
  5. Older Men and Women: Listen Up!
  6. Making Your Testimony Slam-Dunk Convincing
  7. Tough Grace
  8. Living Before a Watching World
  9. The Tough Side of Ministry
  10. When Doing What’s Hard Is Best
  11. Covering All the Final Bases

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