Try out this exciting new Bible study through the book of Obadiah. See how this ancient prophecy relates to us today. You will learn about the dangers of pride, the sovereignty of God over the nations, the tragic results of family violence, and the hope that the future day of the Lord brings to believers. Ultimately, all these themes will reveal the glorious character of God and will strengthen your faith through hope in the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This five-lesson book provides all of the necessary background details and provides both a written and visual guide to understanding what the text means. Written notes, maps, pictures, charts, timelines, and chronologies engaging all learning styles are features of this workbook.

This workbook includes a Discoveries section after every lesson that provides discussion questions, exercises and activities for different learning styles and contexts. It provides many additional research questions that allow the student to probe deeper into each of the themes or topics across all of Scripture. It is designed for Sunday school classes, small groups, men’s or women’s studies, and even individuals. It also works great as a study aid for a teacher or pastor working on a sermon series.

108-page spiral-bound study guide

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