Gloom, despair, and agony on me!

No, it’s not a hillbilly sit-com. It’s real life . . .

Join Chuck Swindoll as he guides us through the fog of confusion, anger, blame, and that gnawing silence we feel in the midst of suffering. Chuck’s comprehensive study of the book of Job reminds us that we don’t have to understand why we suffer . . . we only need to know that God is in control.

CD Series of 22 CDs with 258-page softcover study guide

  1. Setting the Stage for Disaster
  2. Reeling and Recovering from Devastating News
  3. Satan vs. Job . . . Round Two
  4. Job’s Advice to Husbands and Friends
  5. The Mournful Wail of a Miserable Man
  6. Responding to Bad Counsel
  7. Continuing the Verbal Fistfight
  8. When Rebuke and Resistance Collide
  9. Graceless Words for a Grieving Man
  10. Reassuring Hope for the Assaulted and Abused
  11. Responding Wisely When Falsely Accused
  12. How to Handle Criticism with Class
  13. The Futility of Unscrewing the Inscrutable
  14. A Recommitment To Things That Matter
  15. The Passionate Testimony of an Innocent Man
  16. Another Long-Winded Monologue
  17. A Penetrating Reproof from the Almighty
  18. Full Repentance for All the Right Reasons
  19. Finally . . . Justice Rolls Down
  20. And Job Lived Happily Ever After . . . Or Did He?
  21. What Job Teaches Us about Ourselves
  22. What Job Teaches Us about Our God

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