Dressed in his imperial gold, Joseph’s fashion and lifestyle were unmatchable. But it wasn’t his clothing that made this man; it was the quality of his character. Chuck Swindoll shares the story of Joseph—a man whose godly character is worth matching.

12 MP3 messages for download with 12-page Message Mates

  1. Favored Son, Hated Brother
  2. Resisting Temptation
  3. Imprisoned and Forgotten
  4. Remembered and Promoted
  5. Reaping the Rewards of Righteousness
  6. Activating a Seared Conscience
  7. Groanings of a Sad Dad
  8. Fear Displaced by Grace
  9. “I Am Joseph!”
  10. The Ultimate Family Reunion
  11. On-the-Job Integrity
  12. Highlights of Twilight and Midnight

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