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Are you looking for ways to promote new spiritual growth? If so, this 22-lesson online course with Chuck Swindoll is just the thing for you. The Growing Deep in the Christian Life online curriculum will help you learn more about Christian doctrine and correlate your daily life with the truth of God’s Word. It takes theology out of the ivory tower and places it in your living room, with relevant truth and real-life application that you can connect with your everyday experiences. Each weekly lesson takes an average of 90 minutes to complete. Sign up for this online course and get ready to grow deep with the Almighty!

This course can be taken to receive 3 Continuing Education Units.

22-lesson online course

How it Works

  1. The Value of Knowing the Scoop
  2. Don't Forget to Add a Cup of Discernment
  3. God's Book—God's Voice
  4. Handling the Scriptures Accurately
  5. Knowing God: Life's Major Pursuit
  6. Loving God: Our Ultimate Response
  7. Mary's Little Lamb
  8. When the God-Man Walked Among Us
  9. Changing Lives Is Jesus's Business
  10. The Spirit Who Is Not a Ghost
  11. From Creation to Corruption
  12. Exposing the Dark Side
  13. “Mr. Smith, Meet Your Substitute”
  14. The Remedy for Our Disease
  15. His Coming Is Sure . . . Are You?
  16. Until He Returns . . . What?
  17. Visiting the Real Twilight Zone
  18. An Interview with One from Beyond
  19. God's Body-Building Program
  20. Three Cheers for the Church
  21. Encouragement Served Family Style
  22. Worship: Let It Shine! Let It Shine!

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