From head to heart, separation to unification, and Christ to humanity, Ephesians runs the theological gamut. It begins in the heavenlies, takes us to the humble descent and loving sacrifice of Christ, and ultimately takes us upward in His glorious resurrection that, together, we might live well in Him.

Do you want to know how to gain new life in Christ? Are you struggling with feeling secure in your salvation? Are you curious about how believers should live once salvation comes? Answers to these questions and more sit within the pages of this rich and insightful book. As Chuck Swindoll preaches his way through this letter, allow it to reaffirm your faith in God’s sovereign will and encourage you to live submissively and humbly in light of His Son’s sacrifice.

This course can be taken to receive 3 Continuing Education Units.

26-lesson online course

How it Works

  1. Ephesians: A Life-Changing Letter
  2. Unloading the Theological Truck
  3. Ten Reasons to Give God Praise
  4. Praying Like We Mean It
  5. What Is Christ Doing Now . . . And Why?
  6. You Were Dead . . . But God!
  7. God’s Artwork on Display
  8. Breaking Down the Barrier
  9. God’s Household
  10. The Mystery, the Ministry, and Me
  11. Paul on His Knees . . . Again
  12. A Worthy Walk
  13. His Gift and Our Gifts
  14. Body Life at Its Best
  15. Here’s How to Get Dressed
  16. Steps That Lead to Freedom
  17. A Stirring Summons to Purity
  18. This Little Light: Is It Really Mine?
  19. The Christian Life 101
  20. The Most Challenging of All Relationships (Part One)
  21. The Most Challenging of All Relationships (Part Two)
  22. Secrets of a Nurturing Home
  23. Honoring God in Our Occupations
  24. Standing Firm against Satanic Schemes
  25. Strong Armor for Weak Sheep
  26. Here’s How to Finish Well

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