A favorite pair of jeans, a home-cooked meal, and a childhood friend: these are just a few familiar things that may bring a smile to your face and fill you with comfort.

Chuck Swindoll unveils new wonders from familiar Bible passages that are too easily forgotten. Become familiar again with your Heavenly Father and rediscover Him in His intimacy, His majesty . . . and His awesomeness.

CD Series of 8 CDs with 112-page softcover Bible Companion

  1. God’s Sovereignty in Daniel 4
  2. God’s Comfort in Psalm 23
  3. God’s Love in Romans 8
  4. God’s Peace in Philippians 4
  5. God’s Blessings in Matthew 5
  6. God’s Promise in Isaiah 9
  7. God’s Gift in Luke 2
  8. God’s Presence in Joshua 1

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