Forget the bunny rabbit and colored eggs. Forget the symbols of spring that so often confuse and conceal the real meaning of what we celebrate—Christ has died and is risen! That fact alone is the real meaning of Easter; it is the foundation of every hope and every truth about Jesus Christ. Follow the Easter account from its tragic beginning to its triumphant end with these two stirring messages from Chuck Swindoll.

2 MP3 messages for download with 2-page Message Mates

“Christ the Lord Is Risen Today,” lyrics by Charles Wesley; Arrangement “Fanfare and Hymn for Easter Morning” by Paul Sjolund: Copyright © 1983 by Fred Bock Music Company and Descant 1976 Paragon Music Corp. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright ℗ 2008 by Stonebriar Community Church. Used by permission.

  1. Don’t Miss the Obvious!
  2. Triumph Shouts from a Tomb

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