Practice makes perfect.

While he never reached perfection, no one knew the value of preparation better than David. This Learn Online curriculum will take you through the ups and downs of David’s life—God plucking David from obscurity, putting him through the ringer in preparation for his years as king, and even declaring David a man after His own heart.

This course can be taken to receive 3 Continuing Education Units.

24-lesson online course

How it Works

  1. God's Heart, God's Man, God's Ways
  2. A Nobody, Nobody Noticed
  3. Soft Music for a Hard Heart
  4. David and the Dwarf
  5. Aftermath of a Giant-Killing
  6. Every Crutch Removed
  7. For Cave Dwellers Only
  8. Life's Most Subtle Temptation
  9. What to Feed an Angry Man
  10. Cloudy Days . . . Dark Nights
  11. Two Deaths . . . A Study in Contrast
  12. New King, New Throne, Same Lord
  13. David and the Ark
  14. When God Says No
  15. Grace in a Barren Place
  16. The Case of the Open Window Shade
  17. Confrontation!
  18. Trouble at Home
  19. Riding Out the Storm
  20. Friends in Need
  21. Being Big Enough to Forgive
  22. A Song of Triumph
  23. When the Godly Are Foolish
  24. The End of an Era

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