Same food . . . same clothes . . . and your life is wandering in circles. Sound familiar? If so, then you’d have made a good Hebrew!

Chuck Swindoll takes us on a journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, and reveals that much of our lives between salvation and heaven are spent in needless wandering. Why? Unbelief. Allow God to change you from a complaining wanderer into a reverent worshipper through this practical study.

16 MP3 messages for download

  1. A New Beginning—Worth Waiting For
  2. Unusual Leading, Remarkable Results
  3. From Eagles’ Wings to Hornets’ Stings
  4. Generosity: Willing Hearts, Stirred Within
  5. Investing in Things Eternal . . . Being Blessed
  6. Priority One: Taking God Very Seriously
  7. It’s Time to Celebrate—Not Complain
  8. How to Fail—in Four Simple Lessons
  9. When a Leader Fails
  10. Same Song, Eleventh Verse . . . Hope Beyond Snakebite
  11. Almost Home
  12. How to Kick-Start a Whole New Beginning
  13. Watching Those Walls Tumble Down
  14. Defeat on the Heels of Victory
  15. The Secret: An Attitude of Fortitude
  16. Grace and Truth Worth Remembering

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