Suffering is one of the most profound mysteries in the human experience.

Whether it comes as a result of sinful choices, through the realities of living life in a sinful world, or by some accident or physical malady, all of us know the grinding pressure of pain. But there is hope and encouragement and grace for weary souls, for those who wince under the stings of daily suffering.

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  1. Interview with Colleen Swindoll, Part One
  2. When God’s Gift Comes Specially Wrapped
  3. Unraveling the Mystery of Suffering
  4. What Job Teaches Us about Ourselves
  5. What Job Teaches Us about Our God
  6. Hope Beyond Dissatisfaction: A Formula That Brings Relief
  7. Hope Beyond Our Trials: “When Through Fiery Trials . . . ”
  8. Interview with Colleen Swindoll, Part Two

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