No pain, no gain!

In this user-friendly series, Chuck Swindoll will help flex your spiritual muscles in your Christian faith—prayer, humility, self-control, sacrifice, submission, solitude, silence, and hope. In the process of exercising these disciplines in your life, your relationship will grow stronger with Him, and you’ll discover how you can become more like Christ.

CD Series of 8 CDs with 144-page softcover Bible Companion

  1. Intimacy: Deepening Our Lives
  2. Simplicity: Uncluttering Our Minds
  3. Silence and Solitude: Slowing Our Pace
  4. Surrender: Releasing Our Grip
  5. Prayer: Calling Out
  6. Humility: Bowing Low
  7. Self Control: Holding Back
  8. Sacrifice: Giving Over

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