2 Samuel 23; 1 Chronicles 11–12

Time for a quiz. Are you ready? Who taught Martin Luther his theology? Who led D. L. Moody to faith in Jesus? Who prayed, every day, for Billy Graham? Who was Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s wife?

Well, how did you do on the quiz? Probably not very well. If you had the answers, would it make any difference to you? Would their names mean anything to your faith? Chances are, the names of these individuals would mean nothing to you. But these unnamed individuals were significant in the lives of these well-known church leaders.

It’s not easy being an unknown in our fame-at-any-cost society. And though most of us, for all our lives, will remain obscure to the larger world, what we’ll learn from David’s “mighty men of valor”—unknown to many—is that the most important people are the ones who make nobodies into somebodies.

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