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Celebrate God’s greatness with ten super songs from the popular Paws & Tales radio program. Kids will love the fresh variety of musical styles and each song reinforces important lessons for building godly cubs.

Track listing:
1. New Creature in Christ (Life in Christ)
2. Aye, Aye, Aye (Obedience)
3. May I Not Forget (Easter song)
4. Spell Out His Love (Staying true to God)
5. God Works All Things Out for Good (God’s goodness)
6. Who Does This World Belong To? (God’s greatness)
7. Me, Myself, and I (Putting others first)
8. If You Wanna Know the Truth (Honesty)
9. A Plan for Me (God’s got a plan)
10. Be Strong (And Have Good Courage) (Overcoming fear)

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