With his combination of rock-solid scholarship and storyteller imagery and passion, Chuck Swindoll has a gift for making God's Word make sense. Featuring maps, timelines, personal stories, Holy Land images, and most of all, verse-by-verse explanations of Bible books, Swindoll's New Testament Insights is a landmark series filled with drama, power, and truth. It's the legacy of a master teacher.

Did you know that the gospel of Luke—along with its companion volume, the book of Acts—are the only New Testament books written by a Gentile? Or that it includes more than 30 sayings, parables, and events mentioned nowhere else in the Bible? We wouldn’t know Jesus’s parables of the good Samaritan or the prodigal son without Luke’s careful documentation! Written by a physician with an eye for detail, the book of Luke helps us witness Jesus’s compassion and acceptance for the hurting like no other gospel.

Written not just for Bible scholars, this commentary belongs in every believer’s library for reference and enlightenment to supplement your reading of God’s Word.

528-page hardcover book

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