Ever struggle in your relationships? Ever breathe air?

We need a fresh perspective on relationships—God’s perspective. In this series of practical messages, Chuck Swindoll helps you and those you love to remove the regrets, focus on God’s priorities, and pursue authentic, grace-filled relationships. Now . . . don’t forget to breathe.

CD Series of 8 CDs with 104-page softcover study guide

  1. Looking Back: Clearing Away the Trash We Regret
  2. Looking Back: Finding Healing through Forgiveness
  3. Looking Ahead: Focusing on Priorities We Pursue
  4. Looking Within: Discovering the Essentials of the Church
  5. Looking Within: Coming to Terms with Ourselves
  6. Looking Within: Allowing Grace to Flow Freely
  7. Looking Around: Being a Good Neighbor
  8. Looking Around: Cultivating an Appetite for Christ in Others

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