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Give families the tools they need to successfully provide for their families in freedom.
Help cover the costs of a cybersex trafficking investigation.
Send food, hygiene and baby-care supplies to where they're needed most.
Provide a widow with all the essentials that she needs.
Provide access to urgent medical care.
Provide survivors with nutritious items straight to their door to help them remain strong and healthy.
Purchase a JustOne Infinity cuff and an urgent needs package.
Purchase a Freedom Package that includes a JustOne necklace and an urgent needs gift.
Purchase a set of two olivewood "Hope" ornaments and a gift that goes even further.
Handwashing stations meet critical hygiene needs to help IJM partners conduct essential services.
Help survivors stay safe with the gift of a hygiene kit which includes reusable masks, hand sanitizer, soap and thermometers.
Exclusive, ethical jewelry pieces that can be worn proudly. We are proud to partner with JustOne to offer this beautiful set, handcrafted with love by artisans in Kenya and Uganda.
Protect women, prosecute their abusers and change what's been accepted as a social norm for far too long.
Provide access to testing and treatments for survivors of abuse.
Provide one year of primary education for a child who has survived violent abuse and inspire hope!
The Hope Collection: We are proud to partner with JustOne to offer this beautiful set, handcrafted with love by artisans in Kenya and Uganda.
Send rescue and restoration to where it's needed most.
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Provide everything our team needs to bring rescue.
Cover the cost of specialized tools and a day of investigations.
Help children who have been abused find hope and happiness.
Put sex trafficking out of business for good.
Give a group of children or young adults a safe space to heal and recover.
Provide data/internet credit for survivors so they can continue accessing remote aftercare support.
Provide thermal scanners to help test for symptoms of COVID-19