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Send IJM investigators to bring rescue to families in slavery.
Give a family clothing, food, tools, cooking pots, water jugs and blankets.
A unique piece that a mom you love can wear proudly. This beautiful brass cuff was handcrafted by JustOne in Kibera slums, Kenya.
Provide a widow with all the essentials that she needs.
Give widows the training they need to thrive.
Provides everything a widow needs to start a small business.
Protect widows and children from violence.
Provide essentials like millet, sugar, beans, maize flour and rice.
Build a thatched home for families in who need a home to live in after rescue.
Help families rescued from slavery rebuild their lives in freedom.
Provide everything our team needs to rescue families from slavery.
Purchase a JustOne cuff and a gift that goes even further.
These beautiful brass cuffs were handcrafted by JustOne in Kibera slums, Kenya.
Bring rescue to children in Latin America.
You can provide rescue and restoration to victims of sexual violence.
Seek justice for abused children by funding a lawyer's salary.
Help prosecutors learn best practices for serving child survivors of sexual assault.
Help abused children find hope and happiness.
Cover the cost of taking a survivor's case to court.
Provide access to testing and treatments for survivors of abuse.
Join the fight against cybersex trafficking.
Help a child feel loved and cared for immediately following a rescue.
Cover the cost of specialized mobile forensic tools used by investigators.
Help equip and educate communities on cybersex trafficking.
Cover the cost of training an undercover investigator.
Put sex trafficking out of business for good.
Provide everything needed to rescue girls and women from traffickers.
Give a group of young girls space to heal and recover.
Help us celebrate Christmas in Kolkata by hosting a celebration for survivors.
Send a survivor tangible gifts of comfort and care.
Fund the cost of one rescue operation to free victims of sex trafficking.
Provide a healthy, hot meal for survivors who have been rescued.
Give a family a new blanket so they are warm all year.
Send rescue to children and families in the Philippines and Thailand.
Send rescue and restoration to where it's needed most.
Seek justice for widows and orphans in Uganda.
Give freedom to children and families in India.
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Rescue Thousands Protect Millions More

You help us rescue thousands and protect millions more. Your gift stops the slave trade in its tracks.

Now is the very best time to join the fight

You help us rescue thousands and protect millions more. Your gift stops the slave trade in its tracks.

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Welcome to the Community

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