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When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, human chains were formed to rescue a woman about to begin labor and an elderly man trapped in a flooded car - each person clinging to one another to rescue someone in need. The COVID-19 pandemic has also created many needs in our city. COVID does not flood our homes with water, but with unemployment. It does not destroy our drywall, but it destroys our dignity. On a daily basis more than 1,800 local organizations are serving the needs of hundreds of thousands of Houstonian residents. Let’s form another human chain together as volunteers with organizations that relieve and reduce the needs of our neighbors. Hand in hand, we invite all of Houston to join us as we link arms and share opportunities and stories that have changed and can change lives. Be a part of those stories.


Houston Together aims to increase the awareness of service organizations that rely on volunteers to meet the needs of our community by sharing the stories that inspire each of us.

Your support allows us to share this event and its message with all Houstonians. Through your sponsorship, we can change the lives of those around us for good.



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