Tell Alabama: Let Thomas Arthur Prove His Innocence!

Thomas Arthur is on Alabama’s death row, convicted of a crime that another man has since confessed to committing. Despite this confession and many other irregularities that have surfaced, the state has set his execution date for March 29, just weeks away.Thomas Arthur

After the confession, the Alabama Supreme Court stayed Mr. Arthur’s execution and remanded his case to the trial court for an evidentiary hearing. The court ordered limited DNA testing of the wig that all parties agree was worn by the perpetrator. Although DNA was found on the wig, the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences lacks the technology to develop a profile. Thomas Arthur and his attorneys want to re-test the wig, using more advanced DNA technology. But the state of Alabama won’t allow it, even though the defense is willing to pay for the testing!

It is unacceptable that the state of Alabama is prepared to put a potentially innocent man to death rather than let him conduct a simple test that could prove his innocence. Write Governor Robert Bentley and urge him to allow Thomas Arthur’s legal team to conduct the DNA testing that could spare his life.


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Dear Governor Bentley,

I'm writing to urge you to allow Thomas Arthur to conduct more advanced DNA testing on crime scene evidence that could prove his innocence. With another man having confessed to the crime, there is simply too much doubt to execute Mr. Arthur without giving him every chance available to prove his innocence, especially when his legal team is willing to pay for the testing they wish to perform.

Let Thomas Arthur have the DNA test that could prove his innocence.

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