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Thank VA General Assembly for Prohibiting Dangerous Weapons

The VA House of Delegates did not pass legislation that would have expanded the rights of individuals to carry concealed weapons into houses of worship.

By repealing the current prohibition on dangerous weapons in houses of worship without "good and sufficient reason," the proposed legislation could have posed a significant risk to public safety. Houses of worship should be left to establish their own security plans without fear of persons with weapons acting in their individual capacities.

Below, thank your Delegate for retaining the right of every Virginian to pray in peace and safety.


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Thank You for Maintaining Prohibition on Dangerous Weapons in Houses of Worship

Dear [Decision Maker],

I write today on behalf of the Jewish community to thank you for maintaining the statutory prohibition on bringing dangerous weapons into houses of worship. If passed, HB1180 (LaRock) and SB372 (Chafin) would have repealed the statutory prohibition on dangerous weapons in houses of worship without "good and sufficient reason."

All Virginians have the right to pray in peace. Loosening restrictions on weapons in houses of worship could significantly increase incidents of violence in synagogues, churches, mosques, and other places of worship.

Thank you again.

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