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Virginia Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion in Virginia!

State_of_the_Commonwealth_04898-727x485.jpgPhoto credit: AP Photo/Steve Helber  

The moment is finally here! After years of advocacy and a long-delayed budget, the JCRC is thrilled to announce that yesterday the Virginia General Assembly passed a state budget that includes Medicaid expansion!

Medicaid expansion in the Commonwealth will improve the quality of life for 400,000 Virginians by enabling them to gain access to much needed health care coverage. We expect Governor Northam to quickly sign the budget into law.

This historic moment would not have come without the persistence of YOU - members of the community and our coalition partners. Now is the time to thank your delegates and senators for their tireless work in ensuring that no Virginians in need of healthcare fall through the cracks.

Below, complete the form to contact your legislators and thank them for their leadership.


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Thank You For Passing Medicaid Expansion

Dear [Decision Maker],

I write on behalf of the Jewish community to thank you for your leadership in expanding Medicaid in Virginia. As you know, your vote will guarantee that thousands of the neediest members of the community gain access to life saving care.

As a community of faith, the Jewish community has consistently supported universal health care coverage. Jewish tradition teaches that human life is of sacred value and that communities are obligated to provide healing to all citizens. I am proud that the actions of my elected representatives reflect this value that is so important to me.

It is a privilege to thank you for your historic vote.

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