Become a Chimpanzee Guardian monthly donor

When you become a Chimpanzee Guardian monthly donor, you provide critical resources at a pivotal time in our efforts to save orphaned chimpanzees from the illegal hunting and trafficking trade. 

Injured, sick, malnourished and traumatized—when orphaned chimpanzees arrive at our Tchimpounga Sanctuary, we give them the safe haven and skillful care they need for a second chance at life.  We make this commitment for their entire lives, an average of 60 years in captivity.

It takes a tremendous amount of resources to provide these fellow beings—our closest living relatives—with a lifetime of care.

We can do it. But we can't do it alone.

You can help us care for these vulnerable chimpanzees by becoming a Chimpanzee Guardian, a special supporter of JGI’s efforts to care for the orphans at Tchimpounga.

To become a Chimpanzee Guardian, please select a monthly donation amount below:

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Every Chimpanzee Guardian receives:
  • Bio card with photo of one of Tchimpounga's chimpanzees
  • Custom Chimpanzee Guardian certificate
  • Plush chimpanzee
  • JGI logo bumper sticker
  • Monthly updates and stories about the chimpanzees of Tchimpounga
  • Special invitations to webinars and events with JGI staff
  • *Chimpanzee art print
  • *Embroidered organic cotton JGI logo baseball cap (limited to orders through July 14, 2018)

*For Guardians at the $57 per month level and above.

 Are you interested in making a one-time gift instead? Become a Chimpanzee Champion!


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