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Desert Water Certificate
Over the last two decades, Israel, a land that is 60% desert and only captures rain during the winter months, has managed to mitigate its water crisis with the help of JNF. JNF has built over 250 reservoirs and dams and conducts water conservation, research and recycling programs throughout Israel. These projects have included drip irrigation, creation of smart seeds for drought-friendly plants, and the careful reuse of highly treated sewage.

$18 per Unit 

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General Water Certificate
JNF has added more than 12% to Israel's water supply, satisfying the needs of 1.2 million citizens, and now recycles 80% of Israel's waste water. But there is more to be done. Israel's population is growing rapidly and water-starved countries around the world are turning to Israel for solutions. JNF is now tasked with managing Israel's water economy to ensure sufficient supply for household and agricultural needs, as well as promoting peace in the region through water. JNF also aims to raise awareness about water-innovation and expand engagement with other countries.

$18 per Unit 

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Israel Waterfall Certificate
JNF's all-occasion water certificates symbolize its ongoing commitment to expanding water resources in Israel and abroad, greening the land, and developing the Negev and the Galilee. Your donation goes towards furthering JNF's water resource development projects for the people and land of Israel.

$18 per Unit 

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