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JNF's unique and exquisite customized invitations enhance your "once in a lifetime event" by:

Honoring each guest at your event.

Supporting Israel - Each invitation represents a tree planted in Israel or a donation to JNF water renewal program.

• When you purchase more than 100 invitations, you will receive a beautiful framed certificate representing a garden of trees planted in Israel by JNF. In addition, the honoree's name(s) will be inscribed into the Book of Gardens in Jerusalem for your family to view for generations to come.

• Contact Roz at 800-700-1312 to create your customized invitations, or e-mail A portion of your purchase is tax-deductible

Additional invitation styles are available with Checkerboard Ltd., Lemon Tree Stationery and Mosaica Studios.
A tax deductible contribution is required in addition to the cost of each invitation.

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Layered Wings of Peace Pink - #1951
Layered Wings of Peace Pink



Pocket Folder Israel Waterfall - #1953
Pocket Folder Israel Waterfall



Pocket Folder Wings of Peace Blue - #1952
Pocket Folder Wings of Peace Blue



Layered Trees for Israel - #1643
Layered Trees for Israel



Layered Rejoice - #1645
Layered Rejoice









Arbor Vitae
Arbor Vitae









Mosaica Tree
Mosaica Tree



Yellow Floral
Yellow Floral



Purple Torah
Purple Torah


Circle Of Life Certificate - #1907-A
Circle Of Life
Israel Waterfall - #1907-J
Israel Waterfall


Wings of Peace Pink - #1907-B
Wings of Peace Pink



Wings Of Peace Blue - #1907-C
Wings of Peace Blue



Rejoice - #1907-D



Children's Forest - #1907-E
Children's Forest



Water Certificate - #1907-F
Water Certificate



Unity of Israel - #1907-G
Unity of Israel



Planting Hands - #1907-H
Planting Hands



Trees for Israel - #1907-I
Trees for Israel



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