Thank you for your concern in seeing the Iraqi Jewish Archives returned to their rightful owners. These artifacts were confiscated from Iraqi Jewish People by a government that hated and abused them. The merciless persecution of the once thriving Jewish population in Iraq included the seizing of property and bank accounts, dismissals from employment, open hatred, harassments, beatings, false arrests, and executions. One Jew wrote in his journal in 1970 that “ulcers, heart attacks, and breakdowns are increasingly prevalent among the Jews....The dehumanization of the Jewish personality resulting from continuous humiliation and torment...have dragged us down to the lowest level of our physical and mental faculties, and deprived us of the power to recover.”

The precious stolen archives in question were discovered in a basement of an Iraqi intelligence building. Why were they kept by the nation that despised them? Was it a symbol of their contempt for and power over the Jewish People they ousted? 

The Jewish People living in Baghdad today are fewer than ten and they still suffer the dangers of persecution. Can we expect a country that does not value the lives of fellow human beings to honor the valuable historic archive of the people they hate? 

How can we let these archives be returned to the Iraqi government? We simply must do something to stop this affront to the Jewish People to whom these historical treasures belong.

Thank you for supporting the cause to return them to the Jewish People. As you know, this is not something we at Jewish Voice had planned for in our 2014 budgeting. We cannot afford for our ministries around the world to suffer. No, in fact, there is so much more we want to accomplish. However, we cannot sit by or be silent about this important matter. Your contribution today will help us get the word out and continue our regular ministries around the world. We simply must rally support for the effort to petition the US government to see that these Iraqi Jewish Archives are returned their rightful owners. The world is watching what the US will do. Thank you for standing with God’s Chosen People.


God bless you,


Jonathan Bernis


P.S. Don’t forget to sign the petition asking the US government to do the right thing! Please be sure to share this with your friends and help us get the word out!

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