A Rabbi Looks at Israel; Code: 6055

6055 - A Rabbi Looks at Israel

A Rabbi Looks at Israel, DVD by Jonathan Bernis

The Bible comes alive as Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis takes you to beautiful Israel for this in-depth and inspirational Bible teaching DVD. Filmed on location at biblical sites in Israel, Jonathan shows you where Yeshua walked and lived, and where different prophetic events of the Last Days will take place. This DVD also delivers a poignant look at the history of Israel through the ages from a Messianic perspective.  In addition, you’ll learn about  important holy sites such as:

The Mount of Olives
The Temple Mount
The Dome of the Rock
The Eastern Gate (Golden Gate)
The Kidron Valley
The Lions’ Gate
The Pool of Bethesda
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and
Mount Zion

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