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YOU make it all Possible...

For just $1 per day, you can help bring clean water, humanitarian aid, and the good news of Yeshua to hurting Jewish people around the globe.

If you have a great love for the Jewish People, becoming a monthly financial partner is one of the best ways you can directly make an impact.

Your monthly contribution will be such a blessing to those in need. It will provide Jewish Voice the ability to respond quickly when emergencies arise, and to effectively steward God’s resources in a way that maximizes their Kingdom impact.

The need is great, but with Yeshua’s help and with your faithful support, we know that we “can do all things through Messiah who strengthens us” (TLV, Phil 4:13).

Your monthly support will help:

  • Little children in Ethiopia to receive daily vitamins to strengthen their bodies
  • An elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor, whose eyes have been blinded by cataracts, receive new sight and a transformed life.
  • A family whose only water source is a muddy stream shared with animals and is used for clothes washing receive a Family Lifestraw® unit that will provide three to five years of safe drinking water.

The average cost of eye care or other medical or dental services through our Jewish Voice clinics is only $30 per person. How many people will you impact today?

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Your credit will be charged every month on the anniversary day of your initial donation. You can change or cancel your monthly donation during business hours by phone.

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