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WIPcover.jpgDeluxe Kit: KAB's newest 2012 edition of pre-K to 6th grade resource guide, Includes over 100 activities and enrichment activities designed and field tested by educators. Topics covered: litter prevention, beautification and community greening and hierarchy of solid waste management including recycling, source reduction, landfilling, composting and waste to energy. Big Ideas for Growing Minds is a guide for parent's of early childhood students. 

Additional contents for deluxe kit:

  • one copy each of the children's books described below.
  • A board game and deck of cards featuring all the Waste in Place characters. Card game may be used to play games based on memory and Old Maid.
  • Story cards to help start conversation with children about topics featured in Waste in Place.

Story Books Included:

  • If It's Litter
    Buddy the frog and his friend from nature help to show the impact of litter by removing from the environment and properly placing it in a trash can. Designed for pre-K readers.

  • Where Does Gum Go?
    Gabriella loves gum but experiences that challenges of learning how to properly dispose of the gum when the flavor is through. Designed for pre-K readers.

  • The Jalapeno Seed
    Paco plants a jalapeno in hopes of growing peppers to share with his family and fellow community gardeners. The pepper grows so big that he must ask for help. Designed for early childhood readers.
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