The New Rules of Food with Kristin Kirkpatrick

Kristin_Kirkpatrick_New_Rules_FoodTwo hundred years ago, there were really no rules about food. There were no labels to decipher, and no packaging claims to challenge you. All food was real food. Unfortunately, things have changed. Many of the foods that used to be good for us are no longer healthy due to over-processing, added sugars, hormones, pesticides, and artificial ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Kristin Kirkpatrick is a licensed, registered dietician and nutritionist who has created simple, life-changing steps to get your diet, weight, energy, and overall health back on track. As an expert, Kristin uses the latest research and nutrition news to help you eat with purpose, and clean up your diet. Learn how to overcome the tricky packaging claims we’re faced with daily, how cutting sugar from your diet can boost your energy, how to incorporate fasting into your routine in a healthy, simple way and so much more.

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