Armenian Exile and Armenian Minstrels - 2 DVDs

Armenian Exile and Armenian Minstrels - 2 DVDs
This package includes "Armenian Exile" and "Armenian Minstrels." Two of Hagop Goudsouzian's most powerful documentaries.

Armenian Exile DVD


Armenian Minstrels DVD

In less than twenty years this disappearing ancient musical art form (Ashugh art) has resurfaced as an integral part of Armenia’s cultural panorama.  Through the efforts of Professor Tovmas Poghosyan Armenian Minstrels are seeing a revival.


Today their concert performances sell out as they sing love songs from contemporary Minstrels as well as those dating back some 700 years. In their school a new generation of minstrels are trained in the hope that some day they too might bear the title Minstrel (Ashugh).


Hagop Goudsouzian the producer/director of Armenian Exile and the director of My Son Shall Be Armenian travels to Armenia in pursuit of his dream, in search of the soul of Armenian music. Through a series of chance encounters he goes to a concert at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall in Yerevan to see the Sayat-Nova Minstrel Song Ensemble and the performances of some of the most renowned Minstrels in Armenia. Stunned by the beauty of their music and their professionalism he embarks on an unprecedented musical journey and devotes a month filming them.


ARMENIAN MINSTRELS is a one-hour documentary from the filmmaker Hagop Goudsouzian.


ARMENIAN MINSTRELS, filmed in Armenia, featuring Professor Tovmas Poghosyan, the Sayat-Nova Minstrel Song Ensemble and impromptu interviews with well known Armenian Minstrels: Minstrel Andranik Ujanci, Minstrel Astghanush, Minstrel Kochar, Minstrel Makhmour as they sing and recount the critical role their songs and music play in keeping alive a once dying art form, and the role music and songs play as a tool for cultural survival. Their touching voices and songs are the lovers’ inspiration.

Bonus Features:
32 minutes of songs not in the film.

3 preformers + a duet - in all 6 extra songs.

Raw, unedited, out takes.


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