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The Border VHS
Fifteen million people live in the border region of Mexico and the United States, making their home in one of the 14 principal cities that straddle a 2,000-mile stretch of land from the Pacific to the Gulf Coast. Throughout the U.S.-Mexico border's tumultuous history, communities on both sides have alternately clashed and meshed, ultimately creating cross-cultural experiences unique to the region. The Border brings five stories of this cultural exchange to the forefront and examines the evolving relationship between the United States and Mexico. This 90-minute documentary features character-driven vignettes narrated by journalist John Quiñones. Each story focuses on issues affecting the border region: the crisis of water in desert communities; migration in and out of the area; litigation over who owns the land; the traditions of the region's indigenous people; and the work of performance artists grappling with defining the border through art.
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The Impossible Railroad VHS
In the middle of the 19th century, when railroads defined cities, San Diego was just another dusty little town at the end of the desert. No one but John D. Spreckels would succeed in waking sleepy San Diego to the roar of trains and commerce. But what began as a simple rail link east grew into an ordeal that challenged the city's dignity, a region's destiny and one man's determination to succeed where all others had failed. The Impossible Railroad chronicles the 13-year struggle of the San Diego & Arizona Railroad construction. Using archival footage and interviews with local historians and train enthusiasts, this one-hour documentary evokes the heart-breaking passion that went into linking San Diego to the rest of the nation. Could San Diego's railroad have come too late to attract big business? Or did the obstacles that plagued its construction help to preserve the character and quality of life in our city? Filmed on location along the actual San Diego & Arizona Railroad line, The Impossible Railroad captures San Diego's spectacular backcountry and gives new life to Spreckels' dream by connecting San Diegans with a critical period in the city's development.

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The KPBS Video Series: Culture of Hate-Who Are We?
Features in-depth interviews with teens who subscribe to 'white power' and their emotional and complex stories are intertwined with that of the town's history and transformation.
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