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There are many ways to support KUHF and keep Houston Public Radio on the air, such as:

  • Memorials and Honors — You can donate a tax free gift to KUHF in memory or honor of a loved one, friend or colleague. We will notify the family of the deceased or the person you want to honor of your thoughtfulness. Your donation will not generate a KUHF membership unless you notify us.
  • Donate Your Car — Donate your old car to the non-profit vehicle auction and benefit Houston Public Radio while earning yourself a substantial tax deduction.
  • Stock Donations — A gift of appreciated securities either publicly traded or from a private company, may provide greater tax advantages than gifts of cash. With a gift of stock, you can deduct the fair market value as a charitable gift and completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.  It's easy, just print the attached form and follow the instructions.

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