2020 Lahey Cancer Institute 5K Walk & Run

Radiate Love

Team Radiate Love encompasses the staff, family, friends, and patients of the Radiation Oncology Department of Beth Israel Lahey Health in Burlington & Peabody. In Radiation Oncology, our patients are impacted directly by the success of the Cancer Walk, and the donations we receive. As you can imagine, from the moment a patient enters our clinic doors, and hears they have cancer, we want them to have the best experience possible. All these services that may seem small to the typical patient, are of that much more importance when you have cancer. Whether it is curable or terminal, we want them to be treated like they are a member of our family, and not worry about the little things. From the staff at the front desk greeting the patient with a smile each morning, to the therapists and nurses walking them out, holding their hand each day, we want each of them to have a positive experience. Many of our patients are here for 30+ days of treatment, and throughout that entire treatment, from the time they walk in for their consult, throughout all of their routine post treatment follow up visits, we are their family, rooting them on, to live, and to thrive. We become their biggest fans. We get to know them, their routines, and their lives, just like they get to know ours. They grow to love you, and you them. And just like family, you want the best for them, which is why we need your help. Any donation is well received, and greatly appreciated.

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